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No More Doge, No More Shiba, No More Pepe, Now Is  "DAMBI"


"DAMBI(담비)" is Korean, meaning "Marten".

It's small but mighty, the king of the ecosystem, and it's cute and friendly.


An ERC20 based coin on Ethereum that is simply a meme for fun with no specific utility.

No VC, No Tax, No Private-Sale, No Pre-Sale, No Public-Sale. Just Stealth Launch.

All source code is publicly available. Confident in all audits. Completely 100% trusted contract code.

All of the team's LPs are locked, and the tokens are evenly distributed.


Liquidity is provided purely by fans and donors.
The price starts at zero, and we're only going up.
We trade on Uniswap.

If you are a special person, different from the rest, come join us!

Buy DambiCoin On Uniswap
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